Palm Oil – Reply from Premier Foods

Today, Team Amazon heard from Premier Foods in reply to their letter about palm oil.  Whilst it was great to have a prompt reply, the Meerkats were disappointed to read that Premier Foods use of ‘sustainable’ palm oil is still a target and not yet a reality.  Click on Premier Foods’ reply to read it in detail – and comments from the Meerkats.

Team Amazon with the reply from Premier Foods

Premier Foods - reply

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4 Responses to Palm Oil – Reply from Premier Foods

  1. Harish says:

    We’ve read the letter but Premier Foods said ‘it set itself the target to source 100% Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’ by 2011 – I say they shouldn’t really set themselves a target they should do it straight away because in the meantime orangutans are dying. Also, we don’t really know from this letter whether all the members of the RSPO are 100% sustainable palm oil. – Harish

  2. Emily says:

    The Premier Foods letter was very complicated to understand – we don’t exactly know what percentage of palm oil used is sustainable. We think we should write to the RSPO to see whether the palm oil suppliers who are members of the RSPO produce 100% sustainable palm oil and we’ll write to the palm oil suppliers too.

  3. Jack says:

    Premier Foods didn’t answer all our questions. We’d still like to know when they’re going to label their foods to show whether they’re forest friendly or not.

  4. Mia says:

    They say they’re concerned about the palm oil from South East Asia but they actually need to do something about it and use only sustainable palm oil in their products.

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