Nestle’s reply: questions unanswered?

As you can see from some of the comments, this was what our team of Rainforest Investigators were wondering after they read Nestle’s reply. Make up your own mind by reading Nestle’s reply (below) and comments from some of the Year 4 Meerkats:

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3 Responses to Nestle’s reply: questions unanswered?

  1. Tom B says:

    1. They didn’t write about labelling their products ‘forest friendly’.
    2. They actually just talked about information on the letter – they didn’t talk about our letter.
    3. I think they tried to hide the facts about palm oil.
    4. I think they definitely want to cut down the rainforests. 😦

  2. Zishaan says:

    They didn’t write anything about labelling their products as forest friendly. Also they gave us lots of information but didn’t put in much answers to our questions. But they were kind and gave us their number and they wrote kindly. But I think they tried to hide some of their facts.

  3. Tom F says:

    1. They didn’t put very much in their letter about what we asked them.
    2. I think they were trying to HIDE the fact that they put palm oil in their products.
    3. I don’t think they label their food forest friendly.
    4. I think they want to destroy the rainforests.

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