Would you like to help save the world’s rainforests?  Then read on!   The Meerkats have come up with lots of ideas.  They also wrote about them.   The following were shortlisted in a rainforest essay writing competition…

How on Earth Can We Save the Rainforests?

by Isabelle

I am writing this essay to tell people my thoughts about why we shouldn’t destroy the rainforests.  All the facts say that if we destroy the rainforests then we won’t have enough trees to take in carbon dioxide and give us the oxygen that we need.  We do get our paper from trees but all we need to do is to recycle, this way we can have our paper, wood and cardboard and not harm any rainforest trees.

Helping the environment

We can save the rainforests – all we need is for everyone to do a little bit.  Surely everyone can help with this process.  Will you?  We could buy food that only has a bit of packaging – that way less resources are used up and this will save trees.  We could also buy food that has a forest friendly sticker on – we then know that we are not harming any trees.

To help our rainforests we could plant new trees to replace the old ones that have been burnt down or chopped down.  If we plant these trees we can fight the global warming and then if we do well, the ice caps would stop melting and there wouldn’t be as many floods – like the terrible ones in Australia at the moment!

The animals and the tribesmen

When people start to chop and burn trees down, they kill the animals and some animals we don’t even know about yet and they could already be extinct.  We should be caring for God’s animals not destroying their homes.  It could also be the same fate with the tribesmen.  They would be living in their tribe and then a big fire would come up and destroy it for land but we need to persuade the destroyers not to.  So instead of making money out of destroying the rainforests perhaps they could be paid to protect them.


Our class, the Meerkats, have bought an acre of land through the World Land Trust.  The trees on this land will never be cut down.  We are helping the elephants to get from one rainforest area in India to another via safe corridors.   The charities raise money to help in lots of ways like planting new trees to replace those cut down and help people to find different jobs instead of cutting down trees.


The Government have a lot of power so we could write to them about taking actions and making it illegal to destroy the rainforests.  We could also write to our Member of Parliament to ask them to support rainforest friendly policies.  Vote for a Government in an election that has promised to save the rainforests!

And there are all my ideas on how to save the rainforests.

How on Earth Can We Save the Rainforests?

by Mia

I’m writing to convince people to STOP chopping down the rainforests.  Although people think they need to chop down the beautiful rainforests for products – no they don’t!

It’s simple there are plenty of ways to help.

What can we do to help?

It is very important that we help.  Here are some ways we can help.  Urging people to stop is a good way.  You could write to companies and tell them to buy products that do not harm the rainforests.  Or in general elections, choose someone who says they are determined to stop it.  Why should we do this terrible chopping down of a beautiful place?  Also we could start buying forest friendly products.  I suggest that we make more protected areas, like in Antarctica.

Did you know that if we carry on chopping down the trees, like we are now, then in 50 years the rainforests will have practically disappeared?  So that’s why we need to help!  Scientists say we probably know more about the surface of the moon than the rainforests.  There are many species of animals and plants yet to be discovered.  But sadly, 137 species of plants, animals and insects become extinct every day and some of them have not yet even been discovered. We are making a difference.

What’s happening to the rainforests and us?

The rainforests are sometimes known as the world’s lungs because the trees give out oxygen which is what we breathe.  So if we chop all the trees down, where will we get our oxygen?  So we are harming ourselves as well as plants, animals, insects and the rainforest.  We are harming the world.  My view is that the rainforests should be a wonderful place where animals and people can live in peace, without hearing the great big bulldozers chopping down their homes.

If this works our world will be a much, much better place. But for it to work we need to do it together. We need to convince more people to help us. This is important! I hope this writing has helped people to understand about these terrible things that are happening to our rain forests and what we can do to help. We can help Tribesmen and their families, animals, plants and insects. We can save the rainforests so please, please, please, PLEASE help!

How on Earth Can We Save the Rainforests?

by Joshua

Do you care about the rainforests?  We can save the rainforests by putting people who destroy them in jail.  We can also save the rainforest if we try to walk to places.  The rainforests should be a home for animals not a place with animals being killed!  Soon there will be no animals left there unless we stop it.  If you care about the rainforest, you should know that 137 animals, insects and plants are becoming extinct every day.  We should build fences to protect the animals and we should adopt them.  Animals are living creatures so they deserve to be treated like us.  People are just doing this to make money – you shouldn’t get paid for doing that!

Write to the Government.  We’re caring for God’s animals so we shouldn’t kill them.  Every tree is a living thing as well.  If all the trees get cut down then there will be no oxygen so we will die.  Our medicine comes from the rainforests.  Our food comes from there like chocolate and vegetables.  We should make farmers plant their crops somewhere else and they shouldn’t burn the rainforest.   Some farmers replace the trees that have been cut down.  The rainforest needs to have more animals alive than dead.  The rainforest is a wonderful forest and people should not cut it down.  We should not use energy when we don’t need to.

Farmers don’t want to cut down the rainforest so we need to help them to stop.  We need to use less resources like paper, plastic containers and plastic wrap.


I hope you like my ideas and I hope people stop cutting down the rainforests.  So please listen to my ideas because they could save the rainforests.

How on Earth Can We Save the Rainforests?

by Elizabeth


I’m writing an essay to help the trees from getting burnt down or cut down.  So please stop and read this!!!

Here is why we shouldn’t chop down the rainforests

The rainforest is a beautiful place!  But not when it gets chopped down and animals and insects die – even ones that we have not yet found out about!  Also insects and animals become extinct and they might be someone’s favourite animal, like an Orang-utan.

How can we help?

We could help by telling them that they could plant trees that are fast growing and when they grow you could use them instead of the trees in the rainforest.  In 50 years time, the whole of the rainforest will probably be gone and that means not much nature or animals and it would be so quiet.

We could encourage people in different countries to vote in an election next year for a government that will help us to save the rainforest and our whole world and get everyone to help save the environment.

We should help – do you agree?  So we need to help them as well so they can still get money for their families to buy clothes and food.  Their houses might get burnt down as well.

I hope this will help the whole world and our environment.  But I think there would be only one way to do it and that would be to try and get the people who are doing it – we could talk with them and we could tell them to stop.  We could tell them to get a new job which we would provide so that they would have money to feed their families.

I hope this piece of writing will help the rainforests stop being cut down.  It would be a much better place to live if they stop so PLEASE help!  I will try to make a difference by trying to get people to help or to help a charity to help the rainforest and animals.  What will you do?

How on Earth Can We Save the Rainforests?

by Haroon

I am to you to stop chopping down the rainforests.  Is this what you really want?  Is this what you really want?  If this carries on, in 2050 there will be no rainforests left!  Every second, 16 tennis courts worth of rainforest is cut down.  Isn’t it time to stop now!  Of course!  So here are my ideas to help!

Every tree that gets cut down will make more carbon dioxide that will eventually melt ice caps and cause floods like those in Australia, New Zealand and other places near the coastal line.

Fortunately there is still hope – everybody can do something.  You can encourage the Government to take action and to make the rainforests a high priority so write to them.  You could also encourage people to vote in elections for a Government that has promised to help rainforests and you can write to your Member of Parliament to ask them to support rainforest friendly policies.  This has already happened in Costa Rica.  In 1940, 75% of Costa Rica was covered in rainforest.  By 1987 this had gone down to 21%.  Then the people and the Government got together to save the forest.  They planted new trees.  Today, the forest is back up to 51%.   If that happens everywhere in the world the rainforest will grow back.

We can all help by using less energy by using solar panels and by going to places that aren’t that far away on a bike instead of a car.  We can all turn off some lights and we could use less resources by buying things that use less packaging.  We should also recycle as much as we can.  We could plant trees to help fight global warming.  Remember, every tree makes a difference!

I hope you like my ideas.  We HAVE to make a change!

How on Earth Can We Save the Rainforests?

by Emily

I’m writing to tell you my thoughts on saving the rainforests.

My view is that you should not cut down the rainforests because lots of animals, creatures and even people call it their home.  Every single second of every single day timber works chop down part of the beautiful rainforest the size of 16 tennis courts!  Do you want this to carry on?  Do you want our amazing rainforests to disappear forever?

These are some of my ideas on how to save the rainforest – every tree makes a difference!

  • For every tree that is cut down, plant one more;
  • You should encourage people to vote in elections for someone who has promised to help save the rainforest;
  • Everyone can help by using less electricity eg. sometimes walk to school instead of driving;
  • Use less resources and recycle as much as you can;
  • Last but not least you could give any spare money that you have towards saving the rainforests.

Do you want this to carry on?  Do you want our amazing rainforests to disappear forever?  In my school we are all working together to care for God’s animals – this means looking after their habitats!

The rainforests are really special and if we work together we can save them.  Here’s the proof!  In 1940, 75% of Costa Rica was covered in rainforest.  By 1987 this had nearly disappeared and only 21% was left.   Imagine that – from 75% down to 21% in 47 years!  However, the people made the Government take action and replanted the lost trees and promised not to cut any more down.  Today, the rainforest cover is back up to 51%.   Do you think we could do that to save the rainforests?  I’m sure we could.

Once rainforests went round the world like a big belt – now there’s not much left!  So please, help save the rainforests.  So to sum up, those were my ideas on how to save the rainforests.  Lots of people, animals and plants are relying on us.  So please help!

How on Earth Can We Save the Rainforests?

by Aisling

I am writing to you to save the rainforests.  If you listen to me you will save lives and the rainforest.  EVERY tree counts!  All the evidence proves if we stop destroying the rainforests it will better for us, the animals and the tribesmen.  The smallest of things can make a big difference!

Imagine a world with no rainforests!  How would you feel if you wanted to go outside but you couldn’t because there was no oxygen and you had to wear a gas mask?  Here are my ideas to save the rainforest.

Recycle – even if it’s only a plastic bottle.  You can write to the Government to try to make them support the rainforests.  I and my friends think it’s a good idea to vote for a Prime Minister that promises to save the rainforests.  This is the year of Caring for God’s Animals.  My class and I have joined a charity, the World Land Trust,  that is trying to save rainforests – you can too!  By raising money, the charity buys acres of rainforest and protects it.

There are other things we can do to help too.  Saving energy saves the forest.  Walk to school and local places, don’t drive.  Perhaps we could turn off lights and some electricity?  We can use less packaging, plastic wrappers and paper.  When people cut down a tree, plant three more or even more – then everyone wins!  You can give people who want to cut down the rainforest for money other ideas to make money.  We need forests to be worth more alive than dead.  Lots of the people who live around the rainforest areas want to save them but if they have to cut them down to earn money they will.  So we’ve got to change their minds!

It can be done.  In Costa Rica, in 1940, 75% of Costa Rica was forest but by 1987 there was only 21% left.  But they turned it back into 51% – so why can’t we?  We also found out that in 2008 a survey of the UKs adults said 66% of people would be happy for the Government to spend money on saving rainforests.

Now come on!  Save the rainforests with me – that’s an order!  Please, please save the rainforests!  If we get enough people together we really can save the rainforests!

How on Earth Can We Save the Rainforests?

by Muhammed

This is what I’m going to tell you – I’ll explain the problem.

People cut down trees because they want to make furniture, paper and trees.  Something worse – they burn it and make it farming land that’s soon useless because all the moisture goes from there.

Rainforests are the lungs of the planet.  They breathe in the world’s pollution and carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen back into the earth’s eco system.  Also if you cut down the rainforests, the gas will warm up the earth and melt Antarctica and make floods all over the world.

So these are my ideas for saving the rainforests.

To help save the rainforests, send money to rainforest charities.  They will buy and save rainforest land.  Sometimes they make corridors of rainforest for animals like elephants in India to travel from one part to another.  Elephants need to do this so they can gather their leaves for food.  The charities could restrict these areas and employ people to guard the forests.  Maybe the people that find work by cutting forests down could work as rangers to look after the forest.

Maybe tourists could be encouraged to visit the rainforests and meet the rainforest people to show them around.

How about things WE can do every day?  We could make sure we buy products that don’t harm the rainforests.  Look at the label to see the ‘forest friendly’ sign. We could  send letters to the big oil and furniture companies to stop cutting down the rainforest or paying other people to.  Instead they should plant their own trees and use those.

Things people do can make a difference.  No-one would believe this!  Costa Rica first had 71% of rainforest and then lost 50% so that only 21% was left.  But now, they’ve planted and it’s back up to 51% – that’s why you should never lend your rainforests to big companies.

In my view, in 50 years, the rainforests will disappear if we don’t stop them.  Already 137 animals and plants are vanishing every day.  So we must all work together to do something!

How on Earth Can We Save the Rainforests?

by Harish

I am writing to convince you to save the rainforests.  If you listen, you will see that every person who wants to cut down the rainforest wants land for crops or something else.  Indian people and Hindus have a belief that everyone should be treated the same.  It doesn’t matter if it is a creature, a plant or a tree – everyone should be treated the same.  This doesn’t happen when rainforests are cut down.

We shouldn’t cut down the rainforests because we won’t get oxygen, medicine and food.  You won’t get oxygen because, if the trees are all cut down, the oxygen won’t flow, we will breath in poison, suffocate and then die.  We won’t get medicines because the trees and plants make medicines.  Also for every one plant scientists study, it is believed that there are six more to study.  We won’t get food such as…

  • Cocoa beans for chocolate;
  • Bananas;
  • Fruit and vegetables;

…can you see all these things we won’t any longer get?

Right, here are my ideas for saving the rainforests.  My view is that you should write to the Government because the Government has more experience!  I also think you should vote for people in the General Elections who will save the rainforests.  All the evidence suggests that you should use less energy, walk to the local shops and school and you should buy solar panels for heating.  Also you could support the charities and foundations that are working to save the rainforests.  I urge you to donate a lot of money!

In Costa Rica 75% of the land used to be covered in rainforests but in 47 years it had been reduced to 21%.  But the people worked together to replant it and now it has gone up to 51%.

Which would you prefer:  a beautiful, happy world with animals, plants and other wonderful things to see and do or a dead world with no-one living in it?


So I am summing it up with: stop destroying the rainforests because we won’t get oxygen, medicine and food.  Also, if you carry on, in fifty years the world will come to an end.

We can save the rainforests – if we work together!


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  1. mona says:

    i am going to use recyle paper and reycycle

  2. Awesome – what great writing – thanks for the blog – well done to all of you – real passion and some great facts too – very well presented.

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